Nvidia is known for its phenomenal, exceptional GPUs, and with the RTX 4090, the train isn't slowing down anytime soon. When discussing powerful GPUs, one must mention Nvidia for their RTX 40 series.

The RTX 4090 is one of the most potent GPUs produced by the company, and the GPU delivers staggering performance when combined with the right components. Though the price of the GPU is pretty high at $1599, you can say that it's worth every penny of your investment for the output it delivers.

The GPU was released on the 12th of October 2022, and the chip went live for sale at 6 AM PT. Even though the price of the GPU was significantly high, the performance delivered by the card was promising, and in the initial stages, the stock was quickly sold. 

Curious to learn more about the GPU? And what features does it offer?

If so, you are in the right place. Here we will be covering everything you need to know about RTX 4090. So without further ado, let's get started!

How Much Does The RTX 4090 Cost Now?

The current MSRP of RTX 4090 (as mentioned above) is $1599. However, with the previous listings, the prices stayed in the range of $1599 to $2000. A higher price for the higher-end AIB models from brands like ASUS was seen for the RTX 4090. 

Nonetheless, it's been months since the RTX 4090 was released, and the price is returning (or is now close) to the original MSRP. The cost of RTX 4090 is still priced lower than we expected, as recently, a Vietnamese retailer was selling the GPU for an insane price of over $2000. 

If we compare the launch price of RTX 4090 with the launch price of RTX 3090, there is a $100 increase as RTX 3090 initial MSRP was $1499. However, it's safe to conclude that the RTX 4090 is reasonably priced, especially considering the inflation rate over the years.

Specifications Of The RTX 4090

Now that we have covered the GPU's price tag, let's get on with the real deal, as the specifications offered by Nvidia in their RTX 4090 are beasty. Not only are specifications good on paper, but the GPU also excels in gaming performance. Games like Overwatch 2 can be enjoyed lag-free on the RTX 4090.

Below are all the specifications you need to know about RTX 4090 before adding the beast to your cart.

Boost Clock in GHz


Standard Memory Configuration 


Maximum GPU Temperature in C


Required System Power in Watt


Maximum Digital Resolution



Up to 4


304 mm




137 mm



Standard Display Connectors

2 HDMI & 3x Display Ports 

Required Power Connectors

3x PCIe 8-pin cables (adapter is available in box) OR1x 450 W or greater PCIe Gen 5 cables

Graphics Card Power in Watts


Memory Interface Width


Base Clock in GHZ




According to Nvidia, if we have a system with an i9-12900k, 32 GB of RAM, and RTX 4090, the system will perform significantly better if the same components are used with RTX 3090 Ti. 

RTX 4090 will deliver the following:

  • Two times the performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Over four times the performance in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Two times the performance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

If you feel like that's not enough to buy the RTX 4090, Nvidia took things a step further and tested their GPUs on a high-end game, Overwatch 2, and showed the astonishing FPS difference to the whole world. Below are the results of the GPUs with the FPS they produced in Overwatch 2.

Configuration used with the GPU: 1440p, Intel i9-12900k, Ultra Settings 

GPU Model

Frames Per Second (FPS)

RTX 3060


RTX 3070


RTX 3080


RTX 4080 12 GB


RTX 4080 16 GB


RTX 4090


The GPU's benchmark shows that the card can perform 82% better than the RTX 3090 in Time Spy Extreme. Whereas, when discussing gaming workloads, the RTX 4090 delivers exceptional performance. The GPU can run Control at 4K with Ray Tracing and DLSS. And the best part about this is that the FPS is close to 160!

Will There Be Anything Better Than RTX 4090?

If you think the RTX 4090 is the best Nvidia can get, hold your horses because the 4090 can just be the beginning of an entirely new era. The RTX 4090 will not be the fastest GPU that Nvidia will release. However, it can be said as a cut-down version of the AD102. 

We can expect Nvidia to have some of the best GPUs saved for later. The main reason Nvidia started with such a high-end GPU is that this allows them to do "Chip Binning." Chip Binning is when a newly released GPU doesn't quite compete with the already successful GPU (RTX 4090) and doesn't replace its position. 

The relatively unsuccessful GPU would then be put in the pile so Nvidia can work on them later. An example of Chip Binning is the RTX 4080 Ti. Anyways, we can also expect RTX 4090 Ti; though it's just a rumor, we can be sure that it will be another unstoppable beast if the GPU gets released later this year.

Does The RTX 4090 Work Well In A Gaming Laptop?

It's worth mentioning that the specifications and benchmarks we have discussed for RTX 4090 are all for the desktop class. However, the RTX 4090's performance for gaming laptops is quite similar to that of an RTX 4070 Ti. It would be best if you kept the power utilized by the GPU in your mind. This is because not all RTX 4090 laptops are the same.

If you want the best performance, try looking for a laptop that serves you with the highest wattage for the RTX 4090 under the hood; this way, you will have better performance. Nonetheless, the cost of such laptops is high as now you will have more thermal load on the gaming laptop.


RTX 4090 can be considered one of the most phenomenal inventions by the company. The GPU can be a valuable investment; if paired with the right component and can help you build a fantastic gaming PC. Nonetheless, it all comes down to your requirements and the budget you have for your PC.